Tuesday, September 08, 2009

First Day of School

Darius was not looking forward to starting school, no matter how animated we were when trying to explain how much fun it will be. (That's right. We're not above great exaggeration.) The unknown does not excite Darius.

D did not like all the camera's going off in his face, either. (both 'mom' and I were taking pictures at the same time. Few of mine turned out view-able.)

'Mom' and Vyron stayed at a friend's home to wait for school to be over. When I talked to 'mom' she said once Darius got his breakfast at school he was hamming it up for the camera. "Hey...they're going to feed me!!!" How bad can school be if they are going to feed you, I ask.

D goes to school today only, then has to wait until next week to go full time. Don't know why. It seems like a strange twist to the schedule.
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Rosy said...

Perhaps it is due to the cut backs as to why he has to wait before he can go full time.

Here in California so many of our schools has so much cut backs that I am not even sure if the class that I had signed up for will still exsist until I show up, even though I had contacted the school office I still get the same old answer...er..I am sorry I can't tell you if this class is open or not, you have to show up to find out. Huh? was my response.

Sandy said...

Is he in first grade! Hope he had a great time and a good breakfast. Hunt started school back on august

cat's momma said...

A big new world for Darius!! How can he be that old already

The Crusty Crone said...

To answer Sandy's inquiry, D is in kindergarten. Because of an October birthday, he is just now starting kindergarten. He seems too old for it, but oh well.

Sandy said...

okay..I was thinking he would just be a year behind Hunt in school.

Wanda said...

Oh these FIRST days...of school can be scary.

Jon (8) started a new school yesterday, and a boy yelled at him at recess because he touch a ball that wasn't out of bounds.... Now he says he'll never have friends. He's very dramatic... Mom is sure he'll have many friends in a couple of days.

The pictures are cute of the boys!