Monday, September 07, 2009

Family Life

We are now just one tight family unit.

Very tight. My daughter and grandsons are now firmly moved in...its a tight squeeze. This pile of boxes and clothes still remain. There's no place to put anything else. Hopefully my daughter will slowly pick things to take to storage, but most of the stuff here are CLOTHES. Oh my gosh, these people, at least the boys, have too many clothes!!

Girly Girl Shoes. "I want to be a shoe model when I grow up."

"Do these shoes make my feet look big?"

"Hey... my pants and shoes match. Almost."

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Sandy said...

HAHAHAHAHAH they are so adorable! I love these kinds of posts. And lucky me, because you are all living together, hoping there will be lots of kid pics.

cat's momma said...

Didn't expect to see the boys wearing girlie shoes! That's too funny. And, wow, talk about a close family unit.

Wanda said...

Oh Crusty ~~ I'm with Sandy, love these kinds of posts. The expression on your older grandson in that middle picture is priceless.

Talk about a "tight knit" family...

All those boxes sure bring back memories of moving.....

Love and Hugs