Wednesday, September 02, 2009

How Fast Do Slugs Move?

Not very fast. My daughter and two grandsons are suppose to move in today. However, a large vehicle still needs to be procurred to move the mattresses and dressers here (and other stuff to storage.) So maybe it won't happen today.

Neither my daughter or I are high-energy people so things are moving slowly. My daughter had come over a couple of different times to "get the room ready" (it was junky and floors desparately need to be swept, etc.) She spent a couple of hours on the pc and probably dedicated 15 minutes to grabbing a few items and putting them in a box to be taken out to the garbage cans. The box still sits there, even though she's been over a few times.

My goal is to rearrange and declutter what I can. I get distracted so easily! But I've got an excuse to use. I'm old and my unstable knee is bothering me.

I don't feel obligated to do anything, but if I get some stuff done it will just make things flow better. So... what am I doing? I'm playing on the pc creating a blog entry. Got to do the important stuff first. Once the family is here, there will be competition for the pc.
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Sandy said...

oH NO, competition for the PC. Sounds like a second one would be great if it could somehow be in the works.... I really enjoy seeing pics of these guys since I have "known" them since birth...