Friday, September 11, 2009

His First Hair Cut!

His first hair cut... his first self-inflicted hair cut.

When pinned to the wall and asked why he did it, his response was "I don't know."

I call him Speed Bump now.
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Sandy said...

hahahahah, OH MY he is SO adorable!!!!

Tell ya what, will you give Speed Bump a hug for me and tell him I think he did a great job.

Rosy said...

Ah another new hair style trend made especially for cute little boys! ha ha ha

I am with Sandy..Please give Speed Bump a hug for me too for doing a great job to his new look.

cat's momma said...

So he gave the haircut to himself! I was afraid someone paid good money for that haircut...hahahaha!

Carrie said...

Seems like every kid does this at one time. This one doesn't even look bad-when I first saw it I thought it was on purpose (design)
I haven't checked in here for awhile, don't know why and I know you didn't ask LOL
So, daughter and kids have moved in with you. I've had this happen in various ways, and times.
It's not easy living with other people!
I aways start out thinking "it's a challenge, I can do this, I can just detach from all the petty ego stuff and ignore it".
Right now the ultimate craziness, a daughter's EX (big fight, she threw him out, later made up, happened again) is staying here. The upstairs was empty, except for all the stored stuff, he made a space in the middle. Not bad, he stays out of my life. It's like having someone in the house and NOT having someone in the house...and he goes to work. Yesterday I also got a puppy someone took then couldn't keep. The puppy decided to stay upstairs with the ex-boyfriend, so that seems to work out.
I should start a blog.
You know that people get PAID for articles and stories for blogs?
You should be getting paid, you are an excellent writer.

Brenda said...

I thought it was the style. My son gave hisself one much much worse than that once.