Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Almost Lost You!!!

oh boy... for a while I lost my pc settings. I had no address bar, no bookmarks, no toolbar for gawd sake. I ALMOST LOST YOU!!!

whew... I was so tense as I tried to figure out how to undo what had been done when my daughter created her own Windows account (at my suggestion. Banging head... hard!) We don't know what happened. She just followed the instructions as they came up.

But God Bless the restore option. Fortunately for me, whatever was done got undone with a restore back several days. Lordy, lordy, lordy. When will I learn to leave well enough alone. But... things are back to 'normal' and we will happily share the one sign-in account. Totally generic.

I'm thinking I dodged a bullet.


Sandy said...


Rudee said...

Well that was a close call!

Rosy said...

I am sorry but I have to laugh on this one cause I had something simulair happen to me when I had created a extra account for my sister, somehow some where along the way I managed to loose the power of able to sign in, using my password, let alone could I couldn't even get online either.

I didn't think about the restored though, so in a few couple of days I too was beating my head against my hand basically, while my sis just look on in complete "Oh did I do that? Well we finally gotten that little problem corrected only after I had made a phone call to my ISP Provider Tech help line.

Glad we didn't loose you.