Monday, January 05, 2009

Old Crone

 I watched a youtube video of this older woman and thought the scene would make a good painting. I liked it. I had to use my memory and imagination, however. It doesn't look like the woman except she was sitting down, she had a scarf wrapped artistically around her head, and there was a vase with flowers behind her. But I got something done, so there's always that.

I've been feeling a bit blah so I decided to try some shopping therapy. I went to the dollar store. I don't think cheap therapy works as well as the more expensive kind. I mean if I went out and bought a new car, I bet my mood would be better. Buying soap just didn't thrill me the way it sometimes can.

Come on Spring!!
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Brenda said...

Dollar store shopping just isn't what it once was for me either. Our dollar store is not a dollar anymore. There are $5, $10 and $15 that have been thrown in the mix. Great painting done from memory. You captured her scarf pretty well. I would think that would be hard to do.

Wanda said...

You are on a roll girlfriend ~~ three painting in three days... OH MY....and they are all marvelous!!!

I have made a decision since I messed up the last two pictures I worked s-l-o-w down and not be in such a dog gone rush!! Why do I think I have to finish a painting in one sitting????????

So my painting of Elizabeth is started, the pencil sketch is done, the masking fluid applied where I don't want color and I'm ready to start on her face color.
I was thinking about posting as I go, but last time I did that I messed up so bad at the end, I tossed it in the garbage!!!

I can tell you right now you have inspired me, and I think you do great "people".


The Crusty Crone said...

Brenda, we use to have 88 cents stores around here (30 yrs ago). Nothing over 88 cents. After a few years the prices started to rise even though the name stayed the same. I keep waiting for the same thing to happen with the Dollar Tree Stores. Especially in this economy.

Wanda, I'm really looking forward to seeing the bird lady painting. For your consideration... take progress photos but don't post them until the painting is done. If it doesn't turn out, then you don't need to share the work in progress.

I sure get what you mean about not rushing through a painting. The results are so much better when I don't rush. Usually.

cat's momma said...

How did I miss this one? I must have forgotten to check in yesterday. Good job, and I didn't expect so much artwork so quickly from you! ;)

Sue J said...

I love all these watercolours you're doing :))