Sunday, March 02, 2008

"You was wrong, gramma" he said with a grin

"You was wrong, gramma" Darius said with a grin. A grin of self-satisfaction. And he was right. I was wrong.

I had the plastic garbage bin in the kitchen turned over so no one would use it because we were out of garbage bags. Darius turned it over so I explained why I wanted it upside down. He reached for the drawer where the bags are kept. "I'll get it, gramma."

"No, Darius. We don't have any garbage bags. That's why I have the bin turned over." And I closed the drawer.

That's when I had the idea to show him... to show him there were no garbage bags in the drawer. You know where this is going, right? I moved a couple of items and there was the box containing a couple of garbage bags.

I turned to Darius and said with wonder "Hey, you were right! And I was wrong!" His eyebrows went up just a bit and a sly grin slid across his face. He doesn't hear that often, cause you know, I'm seldom if ever wrong. Right? Never mind.

Anyway, it has pleased him beyond measure that I was wrong and he was right.

"Stick with me, kid. You'll be right a lot of times."


Sandy said...

cute story about your interaction with D. I think it must be great for him having a gramma there on a daily basis.


Wanda said...

What a sweet story! You told it so well, I could just see him with that grin!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I enjoyed that story

Miss P

BJ said...

Such a cute story. Such an adorable little boy, that D!

BJ said...

Such a cute story. Such an adorable little boy, that D!

Travelling Goddess said...

Yes, kids are so often told "no" and so seldom "Yes" as they test the waters of our patence........that it must indeed be a joyful moment to be told, YES, you are indeed right!!!