Thursday, March 06, 2008


PhotobucketI watched the boys yesterday while 'mom' went to an appointment. Gawd I wish I had half their energy.

Someone (Insert evil music here) tried to cut Vyron's hair and they ended up taking big ole plugs of hair out. Yesterday was the first time I saw it. It was bad, but I didn't make a big deal out of it, for Vyron's sake. Fortunately we don't have to worry about someone any more. He's been taken out of circulation. (No, he's not dead, but that would have been one of my top choices. He's a real jerk.)

It was warm and we spent an hour or so outside. They could run and yell and nothing happened. Well, gramma covered her ears, but other than that nothing happened.

Vyron (2 yrs) is such a little daredevil. Every time I turn around he's scaring me. ("Oh look... a 200 foot drop from the cliff! Lets see if we can fly!!") Yesterday he was sitting on a large plastic dump truck and taking a ride down the ramp.... never flinching when he headed into the fence. Dump is the key word here, too. The truck would dump Vyron's little butt onto the cement with almost every ride. Did this stop him? Nooooo.

Then they both became enthralled with rocks. ("Look gramma! A rock!!") Finding rocks. Breaking rocks. Dancing with rocks. Building a campfire with rocks, minus the fire of course. And then they moved their focus to barkdust. The afternoon ended with a bath to get the barkdust off them.

'Mom' has a couple of appointments today. I'm not sure if I will be watching the boys again or not.


Sandy said...

Fun..ain't are really in the thick of things....join the club!


BJ said...

CC - it sounds like you're having fun with those little guys! Grandchildren can keep you on your toes and wear your butt out! I love it!

cat's momma said... much fun, huh. A bit exhausting, huh. Sounds funny to read though.