Friday, March 21, 2008

'Bout Time I Posted Something.

PhotobucketIts been too long since I posted anything. Blank. I just get a blank.

Obama is in town and getting ready to speak. You'd think there was a HUGE rock star coming through. My goodness, he's sure got a following!

I have a friend who is having surgery today. I feel that all will go well, but there's still an undercurrent of waiting. I've heard that the aftermath is or can be very painful. Of course, I didn't mention that to her. She doesn't have a choice in the surgery so why say anything.

I've decided to go lo-tech and get a 'regular' house phone. You know, one with a cord. It will work even if/when the electricity is out.

Maybe I'll have something else to post later. I wanted to get something out here just to take the pressure off.


Anonymous said...

I sure hope all goes well with your friend!!


Anonymous said...

p.s. now THAT's a whimsical tree.


cat's momma said...

That's what I call a "gnarly" tree!

Wanda said...

Yes it's like a disneyland tree come to life ~~~~ I like it.

Will be thinking of your friend and hoping the recovery goes well.

First thing I need to do when we move is get a phone line ~~~don't want to be without my computer very long ~~~~~~!