Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Oh Look... Its Tuesday. Isn't it?

PhotobucketMy goal for today is deep cleaning the bathroom. I've got just about everything out that is movable. Most of it comprised toys. A gazillion toys that share the tub with the boys, you know, when they are (cough, cough) bathing. "Hey, I know! Lets see who can make the biggest splash!"

My hidden agenda is to gather up and/or toss out most of the toys that I have not seen the boys play with lately. There's too many little odd pieces of crap and I doubt they will even miss them. Its not like I'm going to throw out everything all at once. After all... its a hidden agenda.

Exciting, huh.


cat's momma said...

HAHAHAHAHA...love the picture! Toys all around...Hannah's toys disappear alot around here, the ones she ignores, and they bring them out months later and she's interested in them for a while again.

BJ said...

Love the picture!!!!!

Don't all kids have too many toys? Like CM said, take them away for awhile and bring them back later. They will think they have new toys. At least that will work for the younger ones.

Anonymous said...

funny funny pic.

Cayden has way too many toys here.. probably a good idea to put some away.


Travelling Goddess said...

Hey CC, I see that you can put pictures up again, Great!!!

And I love the one you put up!!! Too funny!!

and I too, have tooooo many toys, books, art supplies...except I truly do not play with them in the bathtub...honest!!

And tooo many toys for Bixby???...no, he chews them all up!!

The Crusty Crone said...

I'm able to put pictures up because they reside on photobucket dot com...so its only old photos.

Wanda said...

Oh my goodness, for a minute, I thought you were following me and Molly on our walk this morning, and then I remember I was wearing black shoes (ha ha ha) Love that picture!!
Bathrooms ~~~ must we talk about that ~~ I need to do some deep cleaning and I don't have any kids to blame!!!

LOL: Wanda