Wednesday, February 14, 2007


They have begun demolishing the house next to us again. Last month the siding was removed. Then it just sat there. Now they are taking it down...and taking it down carefully. Looks like they are going to recycle the stuff. Good for them. Good for the community college that bought the place.

I've already been to the grocery store (bread and coffee), mailed a past due bill, and stopped to get cigarettes. This before 7:15am.

There is/was some police action a couple of blocks away. A two block area is blocked off.

Ooops... there was just some "breaking news" on the TV. Apparently a body has been found in a garage around 5am this morning and they are currently doing an investigation. My guess is that it is crack related only because this area is filled to the brim with drugs.

Remember the 'nice' neighbor here that I smoke with? The drama/crisis person? Ohmygosh...every day seems to bring another crisis or drama. That's a hard life to get through. Anyway, she apparently has received notice that she has to move. She's been having trouble paying the rent. (minimum wage jobs.) In a way I'm kind of relieved. Drama has a way of spilling all over and I didn't want to get wet.

She's got serious health concerns...seizures, metal rod in leg, and I think she might be diabetic. And no health insurance yet. She had lost custody of her teenage children because of drug use and abusive home life and now she seems to be getting them back, one by one. She's been clean for a year. Her 20 yr old daughter and newborn has moved in with her. She already had a 17 yr old boy with her and now a 13 yr old has joined them (got out of foster care). I think there are two others of legal age. All these new mouths to feed on an $8 an hour job.

I would say I don't know how she does it, but I do know. You do it when you don't have any other options. I hope she is able to find a decent place to live that she can afford, but that's like wishing for a pony on your birthday. Odds're not going to get one.

All the more for me to be grateful for my boring, dull life. My Cup 'O Joe!
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TopChamp said...

That's a lot of people and a LITTLE money....

My friend teaches in a really bad town for drug problems near Glasgow - he comes home sometimes really down about it. He has a pupil who received an IOU for £5 and a piece of paper with 'happy birthday' written in biro on it from his druggy mum. The kid was really excited but my friend was shocked.

He has another kid whose dad plays a game with them where they put their hand out and he stabs between their fingers with a knife.

He finds it hard because there's really nothing he can do to help.