Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I Live...

...therefore I think.

It feels like I've made it through the Valley of Death. Okay, maybe not that bad, but the crud that seems to be going around really kicked my butt. Upper Respiratory Infection... a cold. This cold brings with it an extremely strong cough. I thought I would hack up a lung. I feel like Mike Tyson used my torso for boxing practice. I've got seriously bruised muscles on my left side from coughing so I'm still moving around like an injuried person. Protective stance and all.

Yesterday I surfed/searched google until I found some free software to get rid of some stinking marketing virus. It has something to do with Antivermens[sic]. The attack consists of a popup warning message saying my machine has many dangerous adware things on it. When you click the warning message you are taken to a web site selling software to get rid of said virus. Word on tech forums is that this virus was created simply to sell the fix. Business ethics...whats that? (the popup warning message keeps happening every few minutes. Very irritating.) Anyway, here's where I found the free fix.

This morning the boys and I cleaned the glass coffee tables. Darius got to spray and Vyron and I wiped. They like to be helpful like that but it takes a minute job and turns it into an hour. Lets see if it helps them keep their feet off the glass. Yeah. Right.

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