Thursday, February 08, 2007

Shhhh..... its called "Quiet".

We are all getting a little respite from each other. At least I am. 'Mom' and the boys just left to go visit a friend. I didn't allow myself to do the happy dance until their car actually pulled away from the curb.

I am luxurating in the quietude. The sense of Peace. Its wonderful. Wonderful as long as I don't look around. The mess can be overwhelming. My survival sense says to disregard. It will work out better in the long run.

The boys have been demonstrating their sense of frustration. At everything. They so need their own space so that they don't have to continuely hear "no" to almost everything. And 'grandma' needs her own space so she doesn't have to continuely scream "no".

"NO! Put that knive down. Now!"

"No, please don't bang on the walls with the toy hammer."

"No. Get out of the tool box. You can't play with my hammer!"

"Stop hitting your brother!"

"Stop hitting your brother!"

Oh... and how wonderful is this? I'm sitting at my pc with coffee near and I don't have a munchkin pushing me off my chair trying to see the monitor. Watch. I can even get up and leave the pc for a moment or two and everything will be as I left it.


See!? How grand is that! A blessing. A blessing, I tell ya!!

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