Friday, February 23, 2007

Judge Larry

What a fiasco!! What a joke!! And the most scariest part is that HE'S NOT THE ONLY ONE, PEOPLE!!

I'm opinionating about the latest legal session regarding Anna Nicole Smith. That hearing or trial or whatever it was, was a total circus.... and I think Judge Larry needs to be seriously looked at with regards to his competency. Our judicial system. How frigging scary is that!! As they say the rich get off and the poor get justice. The rest of us get a freak show.

What a mess Anna's whole life seems to have been. And I must say I think the most loving thing Anna could have done for her daughter was to die. Is that mean of me? No, that's reality. Can you imagine how screwed up a baby could become with a mother like Anna Nicole Smith? And lets not get started with that creepy Stearn character.

What I find ironic is that Anna Nicole spent her life using her body to get what she thought she wanted.... and now her body is laying in the morgue decaying. There's a message in there somewhere.

The whole thing is so sad. And its also sad to see the videoes of Smith when she can't even talk or walk straight. Its like watching a stalled car on the railroad tracks when a train is coming. You want to look away, but you can't. You can see it coming but you can't stop it.

I don't know anything about the photographer who has been trying to get custody of the baby, but out of all of them, he seems like the better choice. Now how sad is that!!

One thing about it... Anna Nicole Smith will be part of our entertainment history, even if its for only a few decades. Fame...what does it get you?


DD/Sandy said...

You know, it wasn't lost on me either, about how she used her body to get what she wanted and now it is lying there sad and there is definitely a message in that...

The body is not where its' at ...although where its' at definitely encompasses the body..


it has been an amazing few weeks in television entertainment land...and for some crazy reason it is hard to stop watching the news about it...

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your take on it...
I too think the most kind thing she did for her child was to pass on... I didnt know till this week that her mom was a cop...
Her mom seemed rather nice