Sunday, February 11, 2007

Across The Border

I've been kind of in a limbo period, wondering if my daughter and two grandsons were really gone or not. Were they truly on their way to California? I just got confirmation. A friend of C's just called to see how I was doing and if I needed help cleaning up my apartment. (She's had C stay with her before so she knows what its like.)

The friend had talked to Candace a little while ago and C said she was over the border. She was out of gas and out of money. Her friend had wired some money and she had to find a Western Union to pick it up. Sigh. But if she's over the border that means she's made it through the mountain passes. I think.

The friend had tried to call C a few minutes ago but didn't get an answer. Maybe they are sleeping or...???? All I know is that if they are over the border then it would be close enough for the friend to go pick them up if needed. If possible.

I'm semi relaxed. I can start doing things around here without concern of little fingers getting ahold of something. Or without concern about whether or not something will stay clean, once done.

I'm still a little tense and will be until I hear they have arrived okay.

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