Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vyron's First Day of School

 My five year old grandson finally got to start kindergarten. His mom sent me this picture from her phone. They have a "uniform", however it looks more like a dress code, but I'm just splitting hairs. I think Vyron is going to love school..... until he gets bored. He's got a good mind, so far.

Mom says he loved his first day. It was all he could talk about.

I mentioned in an earlier post that my daughter and boys moved in with a friend. I'm already hearing "but" comments, so the move isn't a firm one yet. I suspect my solitude may be short-lived, so I shall relish it as much as I can... much like waiting for the hatchet to fall.

Apparently my daughter worked very hard cleaning the whole house (except bedrooms) and it was back to dirty in a heartbeat. Hers. Karma came to mind, but I kept the word quiet. The timing wasn't right to be accepted as constructive criticism. Snort.

So it may not work out. Wow. Who could have seen that coming. (should you be wondering, that is dripping with sarcasm.)

And speaking of empty intentions, for the last three days I have held a sincere intention to get a cat drawing done for Wanda's Art Challenge. Sigh. I have the paper, the utensils right at hand, but alas.... no mark has been made yet.

I've heard/read so many people say things like "I was born with a paint brush in my hand" or "If I don't create something every day I will just shrivel!" Well, not me. Not to worry with that one. Sigh. I still hold my intentions... perhaps later this evening.
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Everyday Goddess said...

That's a proud Kindergartner! Best wishes for a happy scholastic journey!

Wanda said...

What a cute picture of Vyron's first day... So cute with that back pack, and smile.

Sorry you may have to lose your privacy, but perhaps it will work out and you can have your space.

About those cats...They are meowing all over the art blog, and some others haven't started either. That's why there is no deadline.

I put several in the trash can, as I am trying prisma color pencils, and I'm getting real frustrated...think I may have to go back to my watercolors.

Anonymous said...

I must be shrivelled beyond my years.
Nice (not in sickly sweet way) post - my 25 year old son moved in back in after college (June2009)"finding his feet...." whilst I still iron and cook!

Janet said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I guess a lot of us are going through the same thing.

Your grandson looks adorable all ready for his first day of school. It's fun to see the excitement on their faces when they begin something new.

Hang in'll do the cat drawing at some point and you'll be happy with it. (I love the parrot in the previous post.)

Rudee said...

Oh, Vyron's going to love school. I hope it tuckers him out.

It's hard to clean up your own messes, isn't it. Let's hope your daughter's new living situation works out to be permanent and the boys just "visit" you.

Sandy said...

I remember when he was born! No way is he going to school. I always have thought he is such a cute kid.

BJ said...

Vyron is such a handsome little guy and really looks so happy. Even though I have mixed feelings about five year olds going to school the whole day...he probably has done just fine. I have a five year old grandson....he is small for his age....but he rides a school that just about broke my heart!!!!! I was concerned that it would be overwhelming for him....and it totally didn't happen. Imagine how I felt?????? Very silly! LOL

Jingle said...

he is super cute!