Monday, September 13, 2010

The Parrot


Sandy had posted a couple of photos of a parrot. You can check the photos out here.

I took the easy way out and eliminated the claw.

On a different subject.... I'm getting my space back. My daughter informed me today that her and the boys are officially moving in with a friend. Be still my heart. I am completely giddy, although I'm holding it in well. No cartwheels or jumping about... but I have started cleaning already. You know, because it may stay clean for a day or two. Especially the toilet bowl!! TMI? Oh well... its the small things that brighten one's life.

"Happy days are here again....
The sky above is clear again... "
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cat's momma said...

I hear ya and I feel your joy!!! That is great news!

On another note: Your parrot is gorgeous! Did you use inks on it? Great job!

Sandy said...

Love the parrot and great news about your space, yeah!

I bet you are ecstatic.

I must get you and L's parrot up at my bird blog.

Wanda said...

Glad you are getting your space back...good news indeed.

Will this mean more room for art?

Really like your parrot..So colorful and realistic.

Rudee said...

And apparently, the toilet bowl is clear again. Happy days, indeed. Congratulations!

Love the parrot!

Shari Sunday said...

The colors in the parrot are beautiful! My daughter and her kids just moved out a couple of months ago. Then my little granddaughter started daycare. I can't believe the freedom! Of course, I still pick them up after school and see them almost every day but it is not the same as living with them!!!!! Congratulations.

The Crusty Crone said...

Cat's Momma, I used tubed watercolors and tombow pens around the feathers.

I think I should now take the drawing and splash some water on it to see if it will look a little looser. (although I think I may have waited too long... too dry. we'll see.)

cat's momma said...

Oh, well it looks great. I have tubed watercolors and have never really used them. I use the cakes. I'll have to try them sometime...and tombow pens around the worked well!

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