Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Good Luck Renting this One

Every so often I check out rental opportunities as found on Craigslist. I want to see what the going rate is for apartments or houses. (A lot of the scams are easy to spot... an $800,000 house available to rent for $700 a month.) I also look at the pictures of apts/houses to see what $2,000 or $5,000 a month will buy. ("They want WHAT for that?!")

I happened to check one and saw this picture below. I can rent this house for $750 a month (or close to this amount)... if I want to move to another city.

Did you notice anything interesting about the house? Like, oh I don't know, maybe the amount of space between the ground and the house (right side of photo). Good luck renting this house. I'm guessing you'll need it.
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Sandy said...

what's up with that. Maybe it's just been moved and hasn't been set on the property permanently yet...or something like that..wow.

Anonymous said...

I'm just imagining sitting in the living room and then somebody a bit heavier than me walks in and the whole house tips up (like a see-saw)

Sue J said...

Is that a river flowing beneath the footings?? Maybe it's a houseboat.

Wanda said...

Crusty, they just need to find a renter that wants to live on the "edge"....get my "drift"

JeffScape said...

Oh, I dunno... they could put the kids in there and call it the "anti-grav" room.

Wanda said...

Just a quick note....new art challenge is up, and a new artist added.

Check it out...."Meow"