Tuesday, September 21, 2010

They're Baaack!

The Group is back.

A week or so ago I mentioned my daughter and two grandsons moved in with a friend. Well, that didn't last long... about a week and a half. I can't say it was a surprise, but I was thinking it might last for a month or two. It didn't have a chance. Not given the personalities involved.

Its as though they were never gone..... (whimper)

And aren't I just too lucky for words. I get to continue an apparently life-long bonding session with the boys. What gramma wouldn't want that? Seriously.... what gramma would want it! I mean't wouldn't want it.

They bring so much to my life. Cartoons, endless mindless cartoons. Little boy farts followed by giggles and more farting until it turns into a little accident in one of their pants. (Now that was funny! The look of shock on his face was priceless, especially since I'm not the mother.) I get to look forward to possible head lice, possibly some scabies, but for sure there will be lots and lots of colds throughout the year. I could go on.... but I won't. Lucky you!

But for now I have to go wipe down the kitchen garbage can. Apparently no one has a decent aim when tossing things into the can.


Wanda said...

You real life story, sounds like a Magpie Tale!

What is it about grandsons and farts. In fact, I took mine to the dollar store, and Nick had to spend his on a "Whoopie Seat" so we listened to farting all afternoon, at least it didn't have a smell!!!

Good luck with the bonding...hahaha

Judy said...

Little boys are a breed apart from anything else...and they test a person's patience at all times...you might need to clean the area around the toilet also...they have a tendency to miss...

Sue J said...

The whole point of grandkids is that you can have them over and enjoy them and when you've had enough, send them home. I feel for you!
I'm putting you forward for beatification :)

Sandy said...

ahh your boys are back. Isn't there a song the Boys are Back in Town.

I bet to them, moving back to Gramma's probably felt so good to them. I bet they love you big time.

Rudee said...

Yes Sandy, Thin Lizzy did that song.

CC, I am sorry. There is nothing wrong with coveting a little solitude. I wish you clarity, wisdom and a group of people who'll wise up and look after themselves a little better so you don't have to.

Wanda said...

Have some new pictures up on my Art Blog for the Fall Art Challenge.