Saturday, May 29, 2010

Well Fine Then!

I'm having a crappy day. A crappy day, week, month, year. Everything is ticking me off. The damn air is even ticking me off, truth be told. Its too humid and wet.

Bloggers that I've read every day are leaving bloggerland. They start off with "taking a break" and before you know it, they're signing off for good. Another one bit the dust today for me. And just because it was another damn straw, I deleted their bookmark so even if they change their mind, its too late. That'll show 'em!

I finally thought of something to write for Magpie Tales (the shoes)... got to the end of the first sentence and the rug rats started making their demmands for the day. Now their very breathing makes me growl under my breath. However, soon they will be taken away to the babysitters. (I refused to babysit when mom goes to work. Its my only alone time.) I might get 5 hours to myself. Just enough time to clean up after everyone. If I put my mind to it.



Sandy said...

Hope you enjoy your alone time. I haven't been babysitting much for four or five months and I'm amazed at what I've got done around here that needed it. Next week will start back in babysitting Kenzie and Jacob probably a day sometimes two days a week.

Sorry to hear about another favorite blog of yours closing down.

Wanda said...

Don't clean up.....get on your computer and give us "the shoes" story....

BTW lock the door until you finish the story!!

Sorry there is so much crap in your life right now!!!

Alices Wonderland said...

I get very frustrated when my blogs fizzle out and run dry. I always take it if I'm being punished.

Keep that in mind in case you decide to "take a break"!!

Rudee said...

Ah, solitude, a much underrated circumstance, don't you think? Who could blame you for needing time to yourself? It's OK to say no when others hoist themselves upon you--even family. It's one of my lessons I learned this week.

I hope the humidity lightens up for you.

I'm not closing down my blog, and I always look forward to reading yours. I just thought I'd let you know that. I even like it when your writing is crustier than the norm.

Have a good weekend, CC.

cat's momma said...

I can relate to many things you wrote in this post, but don't get me started! Even though I haven't posted in a long time, I'm intending to pick it back up once I move and have more time to myself..if that EVER happens (meaning more time to my self)

Rosy said...

Sorry you felt a bit crappy yesterday, hopefully you are feeling much more better today.

I hate that myself as well, bloggers takes a break and don't come back or they just simply disappear without notice! I usually give such bloggers about 2-3 months and if they still do the no show, then I delete the bookmark of their blogs.