Thursday, May 13, 2010

Promoting a Charity

I don't usually promote a charity but I came across this site and it struck me as a terrific idea. 800 Charity Cars. Check them out HERE. They help struggling families with transportation in the form of giving them their own cars. It looks like they accept cars or you can donate money (scroll to the bottom of the home page for $$ donation link.)

If you don't have a car to donate now, maybe you can bookmark it. Later, when your neighbor is trying to figure out how to unload his hooptie you can come to his rescue and give him the link.

I just know from personal experience how difficult it is to raise a family without personal transportation. Doctor appmts, emergencies, getting to the stores with the best sales... sometimes just getting out of the house for a short drive to keep a mother from leaping off Insanity Ledge.

(for those who may not be familar with a "hooptie", just think of a car costing $500 or less.)


奇濛子情趣用品 said...
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Rosy said...

This is a great idea for sure, here over at St. Vencent De Paul they sell cars cheaply at an affordable price to the low income as well, a friend of mine awhile back bought a good running car from them and she only had to paid $350 she told me if it wasn't for her to get a car she still be stuck between buses and fear she would of lost her job cause the bus service is lousy.

She bought herself a VW. Not sure of the year though.

Wanda said...

Boy do we understand. Our daughter Julie (w/ 4 kids in 3 different schools has two older 19 years old, and van 12 years old... within the last two weeks accidents that totaled both cars. They are getting very little out of them due to age, but thank goodness, Ralph was alone, and not hurt, Julie was with the boys, but none hurt. You can replace cars, not people, so I'm thankful. We loaned them one of ur cars, (thought about selling one when we retired..glad we didn't) and she called today that they were able to get a used one at a good now they have one and mine.
Wow, I wrote a lot...guess I'm lonely, Don's alseep on the couch, and I finally got on line.

The Crusty Crone said...

oh wanda... both cars gone!?! This is the kinda thing that makes me go "hmmmmm". I mean two cars in two accidents. What's up with this?

So glad you guys had a vehicle to help them out. Its just too hard without a car.