Thursday, May 06, 2010

Chit Chat

Things are boring around here. The group (daughter and her 2 boys) have been gone for almost a week so its been very quiet.

Does the devil have a conscience?

Portrait of gramma captured just after one of her power surges and just before shot of scotch.

I told you its been boring around here. These guys were high for a while, but they didn't do anything crazy. I couldn't work in high places. I always seem to want to jump and that can't be good.

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Wanda said...

Like your drawing of the Devil... I will have to ask my theological husband the answer to your question. I first thought is NO, since John 10:10 says, He come to steal, destroy and kill... that doesn't sound like an angel on his shoulder. But I like what you did with the thought!!

The portrait of you is great.. recognized you immediately ~~ are you smoking?? ((smile))

I had a power surge last night... hate that!

About your jumping.... they say the difference between the sane and insane... we all think those thoughts, the insane act on them.

My goodness I'm rambling... Good post, lots of things to think about.

Jingle said...

wonderful drawings...
hope that you have fun!

jackson said...

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firstcousinofunionknight said...

The question about the thrust this thought into my mind
"If the devil has a conscience, does God have an evil side?"
I enjoyed you blog, feel free to check mine out.

Rosy said...

ha ha ha your just too cute with your postings at time...gets me to laughing too hard.

So does this mean you be on the computer more now that it is toooooo quiet for you to even think straight?

Like the sketch of the Devil, one of the better ones I seen yet.

Real Women Don't have Hot Flashes, they have Power Surges...ha ha ha ha I love it! Oh by the way you are looking really good in that self portait.

Yeah I tend to agree with you on that bit not able to work in high places, except with me I would simply freeze solid stiff with one little whisp of the wind and out I would go.

Sue J said...

Sounds like you're actually missing the group! Love your devil and your portrait.
I know what you mean about heights. I can't do heights. They make me want to lean over too far. I'm OK if there's a wall or barrier up to my chin. I'm the same if I look up at skyscrapers. It makes me want to fall over.

Rudee said...

I love all of your photos, but the devil seems perplexed.

I couldn't work at heights, either.

Sandy said...

devil may it.