Monday, May 04, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

 Cause Crusty Wants to Play....

Need I say "Its raining"? Last Saturday we had a severe but fast thunder storm move across the city. It lasted about 15 minutes, but trees came down nonetheless. I was driving home and one of my windshield wipers stopped working. The driver's side. Not good. Fortunately for me, the rain didn't last long and I managed to get home. I haven't spent anytime looking at it yet. (We all know how 'looking at it' usually fixes things, right?) My schedule must once again depend upon the weather.

Nothing else to talk about.
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cat's momma said...

Beautiful job on this and I see you used black paper! This must be the "pink" rose that you wanted to be red. Well, I like it pink!

Sandy said...

I agree, nice drawing and I have to try that black paper some time! I hear you are getting more rain..

Brenda said...

Sorry about the weather. I like your drawing....looks like you maybe used chalk?

Rosy said...

That Rose is great work, and even on Black paper which is something I not yet even care to try, perhaps one of these days I will.

I have a cute little poem for you to say or shall I say to scream at the sky another rainy day.

"Rain, Rain go I can go out and play today and please PLEASE do not come back until another day!

For some reason this just stuck to my head after I seen your post title here. As to where it came from? I got no idea, but I know I had heard it some where.