Thursday, May 07, 2009

A Little of This and a Little of That

 My grandson Darius (5) has a favorite color. Wanna guess what it is? If I was guessing the color would be at or near the end of my list of colors...or I would not be able to guess it at all. His favorite color is pink. Jokingly, his mother turned to me and asked "do you think I should be concerned?"

I heard that there will not be a cost of living increase for those on Social Security this coming January because the cost of living has not increased. We must live on different planets. I think they come up with the cost of living based on housing and big ticket items like cars and, of course, their prices have dropped because of the economy. The price of everything else has certainly gone up and I suspect they will continue.

Obama may not have raised federal taxes but boy oh boy.... every other tax is being increased. State and local taxes are going out of sight. Fees and everything else they can possibly think of is going up. Its like a thousand leeches sucking from one tiny, bloody body.

I wonder if the people who caused this economic disaster ever watch the news and connect things to their actions. I doubt it. I don't think they are "getting it" yet. Sigh.

On to another subject, I heard there has been some studies done on why some people are optomistic and some aren't and it is looking like our genes may have something to do with it. Its always been my theory. So... I can't help being crusty. Its the way I was built!
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Brenda said...

HAHAHHA...can't help being crusty. Thanks for the chuckles. I blame everything about me on genes also. Like being an Irish hot head.

Wanda said...

What a cutie.... and we have something in common...can you guess my favorite color....???

Sorry I don't get around to visit every day.....

Think of you often.


Sue J said...

See, now I have the opposite sort of genes :))

Rudee said...

OMG! If I turn into my mother, I'll be unbearable to my children. That alone will secure my lonely demise in a nursing home...

My husband looks stunning when he wears pink. Some men can really pull that off.

Pink is such a happy color. Does that mean Darius sees his glass half full?

Sandy said...

Pink, haha...good for him...he'll walk to the beat of his own drum...or dance...hehe.

I like guys that wear pink ties and such.

Sandy said...

Hope your Mother's day is filled with loud little boys, ha!

have a good day.