Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Easy Peasy My Foot!

 There is a Swedish artist on youtube that I follow (sort of)... I really like her art. She does it with ink and water. Its mystical and magical at times. And she makes it look so freaking easy, damn it!

I'll try to link to one of her blogs here so you can see what I mean. (Go to her channel if you want to see more of her stuff.)

I tried several things and none got even close to what I wanted. This flower is the best I was able to do. The first photo shows the flower after just using water and liquid watercolor paints. The second one is after I used a couple of Tombow pens (watercolor pens) to try to separate petals and add leaves.

I'm going thru one of those periods where I just want to toss all my supplies out with the trash. "What the hell was I thinking!" Perhaps I should just stick with pencils, but even then....

Can you say frustration? I can. After all, its an F word.

Other than the frustration all is quiet here. That doesn't give me much to blog about. No news is good news.
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Rudee said...

I think your flowers look wonderful. I watched the video and her work was amazing.

cat's momma said...

I agree...beautiful color on the flower!

Sandy said...

I'm in a hurry but thanks for this link! I'll check it out soon.

Wanda said...

Great fun watching her work with ink and watercolor.

I could never sit on the floor like that an paint... I'd never get up.

BTW ~~ is Chicken on the menu tonight.... You gave me a chuckle in your comment.


Sue J said...

Don'cha just hate that, when people make things look so easy. It's like the demo people with those fancy peelers that whip through stuff like crazy, in their hands. When YOU get it home all it will cut is your fingers. Yes, I've been sucked in before.