Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Brush with the Law

 As background information let me confess to being an illegal driver. Just for a minute. My car tags expired in April so I haven't yet paid for my right to drive in this state. Some unexpected things came up and I didn't have the money to get them right now. And my pc money was specifically designated for a pc, period. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.) I figure the cops have a tendency to let the first delinquent month slide. Yeah. That sounds good.

This morning I jumped in my car to drive over the bridge to Vancouver Washington to buy the rebuilt pc. I know nothing of Vancouver but luck was on my side because it was a simple shot to the place. Basically it was just two left turns once I got off the freeway.

I'm not a nervous driver when my tags are expired, but I do pay attention to my surroundings. I'm not going to turn right in front of a cop or stay in front of a cop if I can go around the block without causing notice. I mean, lets use some common sense. But if I get a ticket, then I just deal with it.

So... I'm in Washington sitting at a left turn signal behind one car. There is a police car in front of the oncoming traffic. When the signal turned green for the oncoming traffic to move, I flashed on how far from the car in front of me I was and that there was a chance my license plate could be seen... but really, what are the odds?

The police car past by as I innocently watched the car ahead of me. Once past, I glanced into my rear view mirror and saw a red car behind me waiting to also turn. The police car did a quick illegal U turn and got in line for the left turn. Gulp. Ohmygawd! How did he spy my tags so quickly?!? Shit! What kind of eyes does he have, any frigging way?

Sigh. A deep sigh. Crap. Oh well. I took the chance so it will be the way it will be. Once I cleared the turn I glanced in the rear view mirror again. The red car was still behind me and the police car had turned on his red and blue lights. I saw the red car change lanes and the cops did the same thing.

(00) Whew!

HOORAY!! It wasn't me he had spotted. It was the guy in the red car. Be still my heart.

Okay, I said it was just a "brush."

So... I've got the Dell pc here. Haven't hooked it up yet. Probably will later today. And you know what? My current pc hasn't shut down once today. Go figure. Or should I say, isn't that the way it goes?

I hope you are all having a fine day. A fine year. A fine life.
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Brenda said...

Glad you escaped in time. You would not believe how many cars have expired tags, that I notice. Lots! all the time... but I would worry also if mine were expired.
Another computer is always good for a backup. Have fun with the new one!

Rudee said...

I got nailed for that 2 years ago. The cop was a, hmmm, how shall I say this in a PC way? A prick.

Sandy said...

whew! close call. I was an illegal driver for six years when my kids were little...I was too busy and hadn't renewed my license. God I felt like a jailbird and never once got pulled over. Use to pay the kids a quarter to spot cops for me. I'm so bad.

Sue J said...

I can just see you practising that innocent look, 'Has it really expired, officer? I didn't know.'
(grin). *My* driver's license ran out once for about six months without me realising it. My husband reckoned they would fine me and make me re-sit my test and who knows what when I went to renew it, but they never said a word. I was really worried though. I think the cops are more on the lookout for miscreants and nefarious types than the forgetful motorist. Of course, sometimes the two go hand in hand :)) I don't mean you CC! And the motorist is always good for a pull when things are slack on the villain scene.
Sandy's comment made me giggle.