Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Art Journaling... What's your take on it

I'm curious. What is your definition of art journaling?

Why am I asking? Because what I see out there (in the deep regions of cyberspace) doesn't seem to really be related to journaling. It seems to be folk art in a book. And I'm wondering if I should just work on changing what my internal definition is of journaling. At least when thinking of art journaling.

To me journaling would have something to do with daily life... what's happening in the creator's world. (the person creating the art journal) Or simply what is in the artist's world. A cup of coffee, shoes laying next to the wall, or maybe a sketch of the kitchen.

Even as I write this I find myself answering... a person can put anything they want to in their journal. Its their journal. And stop trying to put boundaries down as to what constitutes an art journal.

So... never mind. But if you'd like to respond, I would be interested in your take on it. You know, just out of curiousity. (I really shouldn't post this, but its been so long since I've done anything. Sigh.)


Wanda said...

Oh Crusty, we are one the same page with this one. I starting an Art Journal last year, but after a few days of "what you call...something to do with daily life...that's what I was doing", then my life got so complicated with the cancer....the the art journal sat empty, and the prayer journal filled up.
One thing I really want to do this next year is do more art, and maybe join you and Rosy and Sandy with the ABC sketches. I really need to get back to painting... I'm afraid if I don't I'll forget how..... :(

The Crusty Crone said...

One thing about an art journal, Wanda, it will wait for you.

I, too, hope you can get back to art, but that's just me being selfish. I want to see some. Your watercolors are great.

Sue J said...

I must say that I can't decide what it should be either. I thought like you that it should be in some way connected to your daily life, but there's only so much you can do with dish washing and gardening. I have decided that my art journal will contain anything arty that I feel like doing. I want to do the Suzy Blu online workshop called The Goddess and the Poet which is in January. This might point me in some sort of direction. I feel that it should be full of deep and meaningful quotes too, but I'm very happy with my life and who I am and don't have a lot of angst to get down on paper. I think it will basically be a picture book. :)

Gramma Ann said...

I for one, applaud all you fine artists out there in cyber-space. But, I cannot draw even stick people, so I work on my art journal through the eyes of my camera. I'm just a beginner in trying to take photos that are artful. However I am having fun doing it, and I think, whether drawing or photographing, fun is what should be first and foremost in whatever you are doing. So there, Crusty Croner, that is my two-cents! hee, hee!

Sandy said...

I kind of think like you CC but then again, I guess I like pretty much everything I see in people's art journals.

The Crusty Crone said...

Ya, I think I kind of talked/typed my way through my question. Its whatever the creator of it wants it to be.

I like a lot of what I see too... they all look interesting. I always want to grab it and sit down and go through them.

Sue, if you take Suzie's workshop, let us know how it goes.

Sue J said...

I most certainly will, CC. I will post my efforts on my blog. The course doesn't start until Jan. I will sign up during the first week I think.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas CC!

Stopping by to say hello and wishing for you and your family a happy, healthy New Year!

Take care & God bless!

Anonymous said...

CC - that was me above......BJ!

I couldn't process any other way.

Mrs. Cutout said...

Being mostly an oblivious person in Iowa, I didn't know that the label "Art Journaling" existed. Personally, I don't like labels, they make you stick to a pattern and I for one have trouble sticking to patterns, whether it be sewing, knitting or following recipes, etc. Anyway I'm getting distracted.

I'm a firm believe that if you create something and enjoy creating it, it's art, and of course that's part of day to day life, even if the art came from your day to day life 10 years ago.

Art can be in words, in pencil, in ice, in crayons, in film, in music, in dance, the list never ends. So If we write about how it makes of feel, well isn't that a journal.

Here's a little example of what happens when art is judged by specific guidelines:
My son was in 10th grade when he took a writing class because he wanted to be a better writer. The teacher gave him a "D" on his first paper because she said that is how they would be graded in college (she gave everyone a in class a "D"). He was devastated, he's 21 now and has just started writing again. What if everyone followed the rules of being a "good" writer? There would be no Mark Twain's, Dickens, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Jane Austin, well you get the pictures. ART and JOURNALS should not be labeled.

Wow, that was windy. My first comment on your blog and I got on my soap box. :-)

The Crusty Crone said...

Mrs Cutout, you've said it very well. And thx for visiting my blog and commenting.

Anon...I'm glad you came back to identify yourself, otherwise i would have thought it was another who uses "anonymous" to comment.

And a wave to Sandy. i hear ya.