Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Was It Something I Said?

Will I never grow up?

ah... probably not. Not completely.

Do your feelings get hurt when a blog you've been following for years suddenly goes private? I'm talking about a stranger's blog. Someone you have not and will never meet or anything close to meeting.

I have an instantanous reaction that lasts maybe a nano second... I'VE BEEN (GASP) REJECTED! Then I get a grip and remember its not real. (oh, just to be sure you have an accurate picture... I don't even comment on these blogs. I just follow them because they're interesting.)

On a cranky day, if someone writes that they are taking an extended break from blogging and are not sure they will return, I'll delete the link from my favorites list with a huff. "Fine then.... go take break, but don't worry about coming back for me. You're deleted!!" All the while I know that I can do a google search and no doubt find the link again. You know, if I want to find it.

These childish reactions always surprise me a little when they jump out of the closet at me, but I recover so much faster than I did in my youth. And there's not a permanent scar or anything.

Need I mention I just visited a blog that is suddenly private? No matter that its been three weeks since my last visit. Huff!


Sandy said...

I think I know why some blogs may be private. When I take mine off line and get a new one (like my art blogs)..I learned to stop deleting the whole thing, but to make it private. It appears that I'm being selective in who is visiting but actually in all cases but one, I was taking it off line and no one was visiting.

I did have one private one for awhile that only sis and I would yak at..about personal things..but now it's just my own personal place that I will post a photo sometimes I want to draw..and want to remember I want to draw.

I use to feel the same way when I visited somewhere and saw it private but then I thought they might be doing the same as me.

The Crusty Crone said...

That's a good idea... to make an older blog private rather than deleting the whole thing. One might want to retrieve something later.

I'm just always surprised at my initial reaction. Thankfully it only lasts .0012 of a second before my sanity takes over once again.

Wanda said...

You're not alone. Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

I've only been blogging a short time (since Feb) and at first I thought it odd that anyone would be in the least bit interested in anything I had to say. Now I scroll through my readers list every evening and start to feel as if I know some of the people I regularily read. Not sure how I'll feel if I suddenly get excluded!

cat's momma said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA...I'm laughing because I've really never experienced that...but I used to feel similar at a certain place a group of us visited daily several years ago that didn't go private but I felt rejected if no one commented on what I contributed sometimes. Go figure.

but I have to say...the way you wrote your post here had me laughing and also recognizing some of the feelings involved.

Shari Sunday said...

Hi. I just saw your comment on my blog. It was so kind. I have to say it is real. Comments make you feel validated. As if someone cares about what you have to say. When someone suddenly announces that they are not blogging any more I confess to feeling miffed and a little disappointed. I continue to link to them for a long time in case they change their mind. And it seems they often do start blogging again. Anyway, thanks for visiting! I enjoyed your blog.

Sue J said...

Doesn't going private sorta defeat the whole concept? A private blog is a diary. I've never kept a diary and don't get into personal stuff on my blog, but I enjoy the contact with the world.