Friday, April 23, 2010

Looks Like a Do-Over to Me. WIP

I checked out, in the portrait section (see April 2010 'challenge'), and decided to try to do the April challenge. (Sorry, I don't remember exact words... challenge or some other word.) They had posted a couple of photos and I liked the one of the child dressed as a clown.

Here's a WIP that went horribly downhill from this stage. Its a Try it again, Crusty, 'cause this ain't gettin' it.

Here's the original photo.

On another note, 6 yr old Darius has another milestone going on, he's losing his front teeth.

His front tooth has been loose for a while. Last night he was drinking from a pop bottle and somehow got his snaggled tooth caught in the opening. I think he said he bumped his tooth hard. Anyway, it was bent back and looking sad. This morning he came out to show me his treasure. He had his tiny front tooth in the palm of his hand. D said it came out during the night and we both agreed he was lucky to not have lost it. A Tooth Fairy alert has been sounded.
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Wanda said...

Darius is such a cutie!

Nick lost two teeth when we was staying overnight last weekend. His question...Does the Tooth Fairy know where you live! Of course she does, and sure enough she showed up!

I love the wet look. I think I just might have to give this a try. Love the vivid colors.

Have a great weekend CC.

Rudee said...

That boy is such a doll!

I like the painting.

Wanda said...

Having a lazy afternoon, my Bible Study lesson done, and I got so inspired with that picture "Wet canvas" that I had to go in and give it a try. It was so much fun. I did a transfer of the shapes and then added the watercolor.

I will post it on my art blog. Thanks, cause lately I can't find any subject that interest me, and I'm tired of painting birds.

Have a great day!

I like what you did on your sketch...are you really going to do another one?

Wanda said...

Crusty ~~ that link was fantastic.. Oh my she is amazing...layer, and layers,.... I am not a patient watercolor person....I just slop it on.... I need to really explore her blog more.


Rosy said...

Well I was going to give it a shot at sketching out that clown child, but....I am not so sure now, didn't like at how it came out and decided it isn't worth showing either.

I like what you did with the face here. Looks good to me.

So now I got to go check out that blog.

Darius is a handsome looking kid even without one of his teeth.

Sandy said...

I like what you did on her so far.

cat's momma said...

I like it, too, just the way it is.

Anonymous said...
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