Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Birthday Boy

One of my grandsons had his fifth birthday party this past weekend.

He doesn't look a day over four.

He got some pretty good gifts. This was the only picture I could find that did not show the chocolate around his mouth and cheeks and on his shirt sleeve.

The two brothers could not be more opposite. D is slow moving, tall, and stocky like a linebacker. V is short and slender like a little firecracker. V doesn't just walk across the room. He shoots like a rocket and then just flops his body down on the couch. Sometimes he misses. Other times he just stands in place doing mini jumps, you know, just to release all his pent up energy. "Where'd he come from, anyway?" said the slug-like grandmother to the empty room.

He will never ever have to worry about putting on extra weight. His may be the opposite concern, how to keep the weight up.

"Where'd you say he came from?"
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Rudee said...

Every football team needs the large linebacker and the fast as lightning, slight of build running back.

Happy Birthday, Vyron!

Wanda said...

V is so adorable....

I love your line "Where'd he come from anyway?" Said the slug-like grandmother to the empty room.

You should be writing children's books.

I was the slug-like grandmother this weekend after having the boys plus our Pator's daughter all over to play!!

cat's momma said...

I also liked that line Wanda mentioned. I can't believe he's already five!! Time is flying just a bit too fast. Looks like Vyron had a great birthday!!

Sandy said...

ahh happy birthday to Vyron. Time is so flying!! He is really cute and you can see from the pic he has a lot of wirey energy.

Anonymous said...
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