Tuesday, January 12, 2010

To The Pieces of Shit Who Crap on My Blog

I'm referring to the anonymous comments left buried deep in my blog that spew stinking crappy links and who knows what else.

May your computer crash and burn. May your debts double and your cash flow decrease. And most importantly, may you be able to relate it all back to your spamming actions and your karma.

There may be a couple that I've missed, but I'm letting you know that I am deleting the comments as quickly as I can. I am also paying attention to the companies behind the links so that I do not do any business with them.

Oh... and one last thing. May your dreams become nightmares where you end up homeless in your attempt to make "easy money."

(Have you ever considered how these companies are using you. I bet you don't make diddly squat compared to what the company may rake in from this form of spamming. Fool.)


Sandy said...

That has been happening to me too, I'll notice comments many months past.

I'm going to have to do the word identification thing again.

Good for you, tell em off for me too!

Rudee said...

Here's how I fixed this:

Go to layout and then comments:

1. Change your comments so you're notified of comments by email. This way you get an email for every single comment--even the old ones. You can then go into the post and delete the comment.
2. Under comment moderation, select moderating comments for posts that are older than 14 days. In this way, you've more or less closed those old posts to comments because, who reads them anyway?

Continue your cursing. Who knows? It may help.

Brenda said...

Whoa....do they spam old blog posts? I will do what Rudee suggested. Get em CC!

The Crusty Crone said...

Thanks for the instructions, Rudee. I've just updated my comments setting. Thx again.

Wanda said...

You tell them Crusty!! It's been happening to me too. Especially in my older posts.

My friend Cher, had a porn spam everytime she use the word God are something Biblical in her post..

She went to Owner Approval before comments post. I hate that we have to make things harder for ourselves because of these slimebags.

I will take some of Rudee's suggestions.

Sue J said...

I would put the word ID thing on too, CC.

Wanda said...

Missing you....are you coming back?