Monday, January 25, 2010

Am I Ever Coming Back?

That's the question Wanda asked... am i ever coming back? YES... yes... my plan is to come back... to come back bigger and better than ever. Well, maybe the 'bigger' part isn't a goal to have since it seems to simply be a part of life now. And I don't think I'll ever be better than I am now, but miracles do happen. I'm going to be back though. Just as soon as.. hell, I don't know. As soon as i'm back in the habit again.

Its been too long for me to be off my blog. I don't know why except I'm boring myself. Maybe that's it. But no matter. I will be making an effort to post (and I don't mean its a real effort... I just need to get it to become a habit with me once again.)

I'm only up to letter D for the ABC art project. Letter D, fer gawd sake. (she stops and listens to the song dancing in her head "Hold on... I'm coming.") And speaking of letter D and dancing, Wanda I just wanted to let you know I had picked dancer as my letter D prior to your ballerina painting. Not that it makes any difference. I share it only as trivial information.

I've got my dancer sketched out. She's been waiting for some color in her life for a while now. Luckily for me, she's very patient. (She has no other choice. snicker.)

But.. thanks for asking your question Wanda. I've been feeling negligent towards my blog, anyway. I need to participate more. And I will.

First I have to go watch this movie... my daughter borrowed Julie and Julia dvd and I'm going to watch it now while everyone is gone. Maybe I'll do a short review later. It would be something to blog.
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Sandy said...

Bout time you ole crone, for dropping a few words on this blog of yours.

I'll be looking for more soon too.

Wanda said...

Yes, Welcome back.
Just got home from retreat and so glad to see you alive and well...

Will be looking for your dancer D.
I need to get busy and finish my background!!!


Brenda said...

I thought someone messed up your computer or something. Glad to see you back at it here!

Sue J said...

You've got me all fired up now too. I tend not to write much as my life is quite boring, but I will endeavour to have a little rant now and again. :)