Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Smaller Size

 Wouldn't it be great if I could come on here and say "OMG, I'm a smaller size!?! Amazing!" Well, it ain't gonna happen. The smaller size of which I speak has to do with products.

I decided to treat myself a little and grabbed a box of Little Deb's version of Ho-Hos. The price is higher. Almost mainstream now. And the box is the same size, but you know where this goes from here, right? The actual product is smaller. I noticed it right away. Bummer. How could you, Debbie? I'm disappointed.

Reducing the size of products has been happening for some time now, so its not like I didn't know about it. I was hoping Little Deb might be different, though.

No I wasn't... I wasn't going around with the thought "Gee, I sure hope Little Deb doesn't make her products smaller", but you know what I mean.

But its of little importance. Oh... on the upside, I was able to buy some cigarettes without the Fed's extra tax. (Insert big smile here.) I hope everyone is well and hardy.
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Brenda said...

Your sketches are really good. The second one looks like the air went out of her balloon a little. Still good. Pretty soon our country will not have any obesity because no one will be able to afford to eat much. I quit smoking about 2 years ago but my son has moved back in with us and smokes (outside) and it is starting to wear me down occasionally to pick the old habit back up. All that crazy taxing of them helps who??? Never could make any sense out of high taxes for booze and cigarettes myself.

MuseSwings said...

Love your sketches! Perfect accompaniment to the deflated Debbies

The Crusty Crone said...

Hi everyone!

Brenda, you said: "Never could make any sense out of high taxes for booze and cigarettes myself."

This is the easiest tax to get voted in... sin tax. Rightous folks don't mind voting for additional taxes on sin. I was really surprised when the last time the state tried to increase taxes on cigarettes, it was voted down. Blew me away.