Friday, April 17, 2009

Nothing much... you?

 I've gotten rid of my bed. My daughter came and got it yesterday. I was expecting the bedroom to look large, but surprisingly it doesn't.

I've got a thing. Would it qualify as a fetish? I'll need to look up the definition. I have always preferred to sleep on the couch. In the beginning my then partner took it as a rejection. Many years later in the relationship I think he preferred me sleeping on the couch, too. (Weak smile.) But I digress.

So.... I've got an empty room to use however I want to use it. Well, its not completely empty. The table, chairs, and pc are in the room, but I think I've got a modified studio. And the window faces north. bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

There is some cleaning and clearing to do. You know, move a bed, find a dust bunny. I've also got the two other pc's (and a monitor) to store. (they don't work.) I need to ruthlessly declutter the closet and I can put the extra pc's in there, etc.

Kewl, huh.
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Rudee said...

That's awesome-good for you. My mom and dad always slept in their family room, she on the sofa with him in the chair. Worked for them.

It feels so good to get rid of the clutter. Enjoy the room.

cat's momma said...

Wow...prefer a sofa to a bed? Perhaps if I lived alone I might get used to that, but I need my comfy bed to sleep well.

That must mean you have an art studio now...I mean you can spread out a little and leave your paints and brushes out somewhere? I definitely could use a room for that.

Sandy said...

A studio, great idea and hope you get it workable and how you like it and then you'll be ready to go...a new painting a

Rosy said...

Funny you should say that you like to sleep on a couch instead of a bed...I can almost relate with this one myself, except I only sleep on my bed on the weekends and during the weekdays I normally sleep on my couch cause if I didn't and chosen the bed instead I would never get up in the early morning hours to make it to my endless appointments! But then of course I also used my bed when my honey pops over in the middle of the week from time to time and even then not most of the time. lol

Um...sounds like you now have yourself an art studio.

Sue J said...

A new studio! But why do you feel the need to hang on to the PCs if they don't work? Toss 'em!! My philosophy on stuff - if you haven't used it for six months, you don't need it. I should mention that I'm married to an anal retentive, who throws nothing away. So I can only toss my own stuff. I'm off to the UK in June and he reckons he's ordered some bags of 'shed dust' off e-Bay to blow over all the new stuff he gets while I'm away. He thinks I won't notice ;-)(wiggling eyebrows)

Brenda said...

I say sleep where you can sleep. I have heard of a lot of folks that sleep on chairs and couches. Clearing out the room will be cool. I would dispose of old computers also. Now they want you to recycle them or something. We have a couple that probably should go to the recycle shop.