Friday, April 24, 2009

Brenda's Art Challenge


Chalk pastels on colored construction art paper. Subject selected from the choices provided by Brenda.

Chalk is the right term to use for these pastels. Colored chalk. Sidewalk chalk, perhaps. No matter. Well, except the box didn't have a true red... just dark pinks. I was disappointed. Isn't red a primary color? Oh well. The rooster still crows.

'Mom' and the boys stopped by for a few minutes the other day. Mom was in need, so she left with my car and a little bit of my money. Everyone has to have at least one safety net. My net has a lot of holes in it, but it can still hold someone up a little bit. 'Mom' is part of a couple, but it seems she's the only one who takes care of business. What's up with these males? They apparently expect to be mothered for their entire life. I don't know....

Don't get me wrong. I like the guy enough. He seems nice and I'm told the boys really adore him... first decent role model in their lives, but geesh. Man up and contribute why doncha.

Do you ever wonder why I often put the word mom in single quotes? Its to indicate my daughter is a mom but not my mom. I knew you've been wondering.
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Sandy said...

Nice rooster, I had way too much problems with mine.

Always nice to get updates about "mom" and the boys. I need to see recent pics some time, kay??

Brenda said...

Wow...I love this CC. I am going to post them on my blog. I have so much to learn from you guys. This was done with chalk?! The colors are striking. I just went to library and got some more books to teach myself a few things. Have to be out the rest of the day but will get these up soon.

Rosy said...

I think I will give this rooster a try in know I will give it a try in watercolors!

Great Rooster, interesting that you use Construction Paper for this work and in chalk too.

cat's momma said...

Well, this is beautiful! And you did it with chalk and contruction paper? Wow...good job!

Rudee said...

Fabulous drawing.

As for the rest? Who knows the answer to that one? My men need staff.