Thursday, February 19, 2009

As Seen on TV

I had a moment of weakness. A moment of weakness is not bad, in and of itself, but couple it with a few bucks in the pocket and BAM! Sucker. (that would be me.)

I was checking out Walgreens for something and saw the ShamWow. I've been curious about it and before I realized what was going on I was shelling out $19.99 for a box of ShamWow.


All it seems to be is some felt cloth. I don't know squat about fabrics, but it looks like its just a little thicker than your run-of-the-mill felt. (for a minute I felt I should be putting cut out figures up to tell the story of Noah's Ark or something. Remember those storyboards in church?) That's it. That's all it is. I don't think it could be more than two yards of material, if that.


Four "larger" squares and four small squares. That's it.... that's all of it. I would have been better off going to a fabric store and buying the felt there.

Now, in all fairness, I haven't yet tried it for sopping up liquids, but I'm sure I will have an opportunity soon. If I don't spill something, then surely when the grandsons come over and they take a bath... I'll have LOTS OF LIQUID to get up.

All I can say is WAY OVER PRICED. WAY.

This is the second time I fell victim to late-night advertisements. The other thing I bought some times ago was one of those little sound enhancers to help one hear better. ohmygawd, What a ripoff that is. The only thing I could ever hear from it was the rustle of the cord against my clothes and the beat of my own heart.

I'm just sharing this as a warning. And I won't be buying anything 'as seen on tv' again, unless I've had a chance to try it first or if someone I know can vouch for it. Just know that I've done my bit to help the economy get back on its feet. I do what I can.
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Brenda said...

Sometimes those products come with money back guarantees. I would probably use it first and if it doesn't work return it. Most of the time those things are rip offs, but some work really well. I fall for them all the time! But I did recently try the super putty thing and it fixed my door knob that would have otherwise cost me $50 to $100. So that one was for sure worth the money I spent and it worked like a miracle!

Wanda said...

Well I've seen this advertised on TV and wondered if it was worth it!!

Thanks for having a weak moment, now you can tell us if we should run out and buy a box!!


Sue J said...

I had a good giggle about the hearing jobbo. My kids keep threatening me with ear trumpets! My sons are boilermakers and they were going to knock me some up at work. Cheeky sods! My hearing has dropped off over the last few years - another of the delights of ageing! Sometimes I quite like not being able to hear everything though. I've been toying with the idea of hearing aids. My sister gave me a go of hers and I was very surprised at what I might be missing.

Rudee said...

They're not felt, they're microfibers. Use one with screaming hot water-wring it out if you can and use it to clean windows better than windex will. I don't have sham wows, but i do have microfiber cloths. I love them.

Sandy said...

Yeah but, I bought some of the microfiber ones and those don't look like it. I also bought some ofthese felt things at a store, and really haven't tried them. I got them somewhere cheap like 99 cent store, for maybe two..not sure. The microfibers, I love. They work great on windows.

I bought a small little blender thing once that was all over the tv infomercials...I think I spend 150 plus. Never used it, ...but once, tried an alfredo but I screwed something up. and now it sits. I remember the commercial had several people sitting around a horseshape counter oohhing and ahhing over it. When I worked, I did this kind of thing a lot, spent useless money.

Now if I really want something I go to Bed, Bath and Beyond, they have a whole section on Things on TV... They have a miracle hand repair cream I really like although it doesn't get rid of the incredible sun damage I have on my skin.. I was such a sun worshiper and would warm all young women, DON'T do it, you'll be sorry. My hands look like I'm 80.

The Crusty Crone said...

Microfibers huh. Tiny little fibers as opposed to big fibers. Fiber optics. No telling where this free association might go....

the instructions say it can be washed but not to put it in the dryer. I guess all those microfibers will melt.

oh Sandy... talking about age spots. The other day I was driving and glanced down at my left hand on the stearing wheel. (00) I use to have just one.... now I've got thousands. GASP. WTH?! A few more and I might be able to pass for Hispanic. Ya know... it just doesn't seem fair. You struggle and make it through life and then you crumble. It just doesn't seem fair.

("Cheeky sods". Doncha love it.)