Thursday, July 15, 2010

If You Can't Say Anything Nice....

I can't believe its been a whole week since my last post. Man, time is really flying.

My living situation has turned me from a grouch to a real bitch and there's nothing I can do about it because the consequences would result in homelessness. Not mine, but others. Its a no-win situation all the way around. If I did throw the guests out I would have to live with enormous guilt. Can't do it. I have to turn in my Total Bitch badge 'cause thats too extreme for me.

Ya do what ya have to do... and now I've got to go do dishes. Apparently no one else gets the thrill that I do when cleaning.
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Rosy said...

So sorry to hear you are having such a bad time of it.

My those strawberries look good, are they for me?

Wanda said...

Any distant relative you could escape and visit for a couple of weeks?

Very few people I know feel the thrill of the vacuum and the feel of dish water...we are special, CC. HaHaHa I agree with you. We do what we have to do....guess that's what we call life in the real world.

I do hope things get better real soon!

Rudee said...

Oh, dear. Maybe they'll go visit some friends for a few days. Sounds like you could use a break and some help. Many hands make for quick work. Your hands should be pointing out dust bunnies and doing nothing more.

Sandy said...

ha, no one else gets that thrills. I know absolutely what you mean. Homelessness, nope not an option for us mama''s too painful to think about the little ones being put through that. It's all good and works out in the end, some how...

Carrie said...

Haven't checked in here for awhile (just thought of it now).I have been there- done that, and know how you feel. Sometimes I feel so darn OLD and TIRED (and it's hot) and at times have found people (family) literally sitting on my front steps with no place else to go. What can you do? Same with babysitting grandkids, now one is "almost a teen" and gives her Mom problems (normal) Mom things coming to stay with Grandma, out in the country, with no car, and nothing to do, is the solution. It's used as a punishment or threat.
And continually looking for money, no food, no gas, car insurane running out. I help them, and have no money for myself for food for the month.
I sometimes wonder if my parents felt like this, and I wasn't aware of it?
Think the key (for us) is to not resent it. In a way we have to help, as you say, feel guilty. So, we're in the situation, resenting it just makes it worse.
For me, it usuallly ends up at some point with a big blow up and them (whoever) getting mad and moving out, finding someplace else to go.
It's almost like I feel I have to get and be mad at people so they'll leave me alone.
One I did turn down was son and wife, she's bipolar and has mental problems (involving her MOTHER) She has also has spells of violence and trying to burn their apartment down. She thought I could be the "mother" she didn't have and we could do things together. Even wanted to just come here, put their stuff in my barn and live in the car in my driveway (yeah, right) They were getting evicted. I said NO! They got mad. I was scared I'd look out and see them parked in my driveway in their car. They found another place but were mad at me for years.
I keep saying NEVER AGAIN but then I get into it again. Currently have someone living with me not too bad. Pays me rent, keeps out of my way, goes to work, I hardly know he's here.
If they could all be like that.
I get to thinking of that Michael Jackson song "Leave me Alone!" I've had a family, had kids, helped with grandkids, helped with money...
Don't have any real answers (besides being outright mean and cutting off contact) People say "just give them a date and say you have to move out". But it's not as simple when it's family-grandkids.
Will have to remember to check back in more often, I always love your pictures and writing.
(I know I have a google id but can't get it right)

The Crusty Crone said...

Hey Carrie... how you doin'? It has been a long time. Good to see you again.

Sue J said...

Just think of all that Karmic credit you are earning. You are a good person. Nobody can see their kids on the street, especially when they have kids too. You'll have to devise a way to create some 'me' time and space. I find the library is a great escape place. It's quiet and either warm or cool depending on the season and there's plenty to keep you occupied and interested. They even have computers for you to use. And you can stay as long as you like.

Wanda said...

CC~ If you get a free minute and a corner to draw I have a new August Art Challenge....check out my Art Blog and see if you would like to give a rendering.

Hope your life has settled down a bit.

Carrie said...

So, now I keep checking back and you don't write anything new LOL
Today I got the idea of saving today in a bottle. It's SO beautiful out, perfect. Sunny, dry, big blue sky and huge clouds.LIke that song "Time in a Bottle". After I thought that I heard an old dead tree creaking in the wind and thought maybe I shouldn't stand here it might blow down.
So, I started taking pictures of bottles, showing the "day" through them, in the windows from inside the house. Couldn't find any good bottles, only like 2 ltr soda bottle with the label off. Haven't3done anything else with them yet.
I don't have much different to take pictures of,so have to look for something different to create.