Thursday, July 08, 2010

Dance of the Fusia

My friend had hung a huge fusia plant on her porch. I guess the sales person didn't think she could get it in her car because of its size but she made it okay. Did I say its huge? Dance little fusia ballerina, dance!

Its our turn now. Our turn for H.O.T. weather. We may hit a hundred degrees today. omg! Fortunately for us, its suppose to cool down a bit by the weekend.
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Rudee said...

What a gorgeous plant!

Stay cool, CC.

Wanda said...

When we lived in Santa Barbara I had two fusia plants. They were huge too and I think they are so beautiful. Something about the climate in S.B was perfect for them.

You capture of the blooms is perfect... Yes, I can see them dancing!

Sandy said...

wow gorgeous plant I love it. Laura use to have those in her backyard and I couldn't wait to see them when they bloomed. I tried growing them but had no luck.

cat's momma said...

The way you shot the top photo it looks like a forest of fusias! It's a really beautiful shot! We also had fusia at the house we just moved from. They are such unusual looking plants!

Sue J said...

I love fuchsias. They do look like ballerinas. You are gettin the HOT and we are getting your rain now. Not before time either.

Chandrika Shubham said...

The flowers are beautiful. :)

Nice blog and I enjoyed reading ur post! :)

Rosy said...

Perhaps the name should be changed to Ballerinas instead of calling them Fushias.

Fushias are so very pretty when they are in full bloom.

Hope you been taking good care of yourself and keeping yourself cool off. Our weather is now just starting to warm up at last.