Thursday, March 04, 2010

I Got Nuthin'

Not much going on here. A little rain, a little sunshine... a mild winter. One day flows into another.

The exception to a mundane life is life via the grandkids. I never knew this could happen. I suppose its because I never considered it happening. At least not to anyone in my world. My six yr old grandson has been kicked out of kindergarten. (00) WTF?!? He couldn't even make it through six months of school...if you want to count kindergarten as school (and I do. D read a page to me from his book. He couldn't do that before school started.) He's too disruptive and does not do as instructed. Since he's a transfer student (lives outside of the district) they are not obligated to put up with him. I don't blame them, either.

He's a regular Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde. He's knocked me on my ass by being totally polite, kind, and thoughtful... all without any thing being said to him. "There's my boy!!!" Then he can pitch a fit because he's asked to put on a jacket. "Its cold out there. Put on your coat." ohmygawd, you'd think a stranger took his candy or something.

I am soooo glad I'm not directly responsible for him. What a heavy responsibility that is going to be. But let me be optimistic and hopeful. Perhaps another school/teacher will be able to deal with him successfully. At the very least, lets hope there's something that can be done to help D maintain order and focus. Otherwise, we're up the infamous river without a paddle.

On to another opinion. I've been art-blog surfing for a few days. It was probably overload, but this is what kept coming to all looks the same. I can't tell one artist from another by their paintings. Have you noticed this? Its becoming one big blur.

We've got sunshine today, folks. I've gotta go get my 10 minutes of vitimin D.
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Wanda said...

My grandson Nick is on medication to help his focus. I hate that he has to take it...but it really does help!

I'm glad both of us do not have sole responsibility of our grandchildren. It was hard enough raising them the first time around.

Hang in there Grandma!

Sandy said...

like Wanda said, Hang in there. So far so good here but I only have one grandkid in school..there will be six more going some day..and what are the odds of ....oh well, why should I look ahead for trouble..

Iosif said...

Please leave a lot to me a comment and explain why your nephew was kicked out of kindergarten and where (what country) did this happen? (And I use Google transducer intales well)
The painting or photography! Whatever it is very nice.
I remember as a kid and I wanted very much to know to paint .... but I did not really know .... 40 years can learn and painting?
Greetings to respect you and your readers!

M Hastings said...

Mild winters are good. Keep you from getting too heavily in the Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder slump.

Sometimes kids just need some time and patience to work through their issues. Maybe this new school/teacher will be a better fit for your grandson.

That said, I'm not exactly looking forward the the first time one of my boys brings home a teacher communication because of misbehavior or poor grades or whathaveyou.... Fortunately, they are young yet (19 mos and 8 weeks) and I have plenty of time before I have to worry so much...

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Rosy said...

Your grandson D sounds just like what my newphew went through but all through his life he had so many problems, in his earlier years my sister was letting him drink coffee, it seemed to of did the trick to calm him down, coffee does just the opposit of what it does for us crazy Adults.

We got rain, too much for that matter now these days, I so happen to notice that across the street one of the houses roof tops is now showing off a pretty green roof of alage.