Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Well... so far 2008 kinda sucks, but I'm sure the year will go downhill from here. (hey, its called sarcastic humor. If you don't get it, it probably just means you're not sarcastic.) Sigh.

Here's where I should be putting on a happy face but it doesn't fit any more. Seems I've outgrown it. (snort. snicker.)

I still don't have my letter H to post. I tried to do something but never made it. I think I've cleared off the table 15 or 20 times so I could sit there and draw. After a few minutes its time to feed the rug rats again. Then its snack time. Then another meal time. And if it isn't time to waste food then I've got these little nose pickers up in my face again, touching everything or wiggling the table, reaching for the pencils... you get the picture. Oh. And 'bless their little hearts'. And I'm really sorry for society once D gets out there. Really, really sorry.

I got a sketch and a half done by using photos from a magazine. I didn't finish the dog once I saw how crooked he had become.

I can't even come up with much to talk about...which is, no doubt, a good thing since I would just be whining and complaining anyway.


Wanda said...

Hi CC. It look like you have two "H" to me.
"Hat" and "Hooch"
You make me laugh, because I have a daughter that has a sarcastic twist, and she always keeps me laugh.
I'm hoping you hit bottom real quick so you can start uphill again!!

cat's momma said...

Hat and Hooch...yup...2 H's. Your description of trying to find the space and time to draw...ooooo...I KNOW what you're talking about...and I can imagine...well, I know what you're saying! And, sorry, but you also made me laugh with your crusty-isms!

Sandy said...

Hey, you did do the H's...cool. Man, I feel for ya but like the others, kind of enjoy your sarcastic humor about it all.

Uhhh...D must be a handful right now from the sound of it....hope things get better soon. I miss you posting more....

Wanda..Hat and Hooch...funny!!

I really didn't expect to see anything up here. I keep checking but it was days...but I sure understand...


BJ said...

Hey CC - Just wanted to say hello and wish you a Happy New Year! Now, I mean it sincerely! Not trying to rub salt in the wound! Sounds like you may be needing a little time alone.....but gees, those little ones are so darn cute!

Love your sense of humor....you are very funny! I love sarcastic!!!!

Travelling Goddess said...

HNY kiddo!!!

Love ya and keep that Dander touch going.....we all need you to say it for us!!!! and how well you do!!

Roshanda said...

I like the top picture a lot. You should be happy with it. Too bad it is so blurry though, it looks really nice. The dog looks ok too.