Monday, June 27, 2005 three six

Well, here we go...ready or not. My first goal of the day is to become familiar with all the bells and whistles here at That means this first post is my little test rat... there may be changes made... lots of changes.

I'm not sure about the font. We'll see... or at least I will.

Oboy... I've gotten started but there's a lot to read and I don't feel like doing that right now. It's great being able to say "I'll do it later" and not feel any pressure. I just hope I'm able to find my way back here.....

Man, what was I thinking? I've been blog surfing (is that what its called?) and there are some really funny people...even if they are likely to piss you off at one time or another. And if they aren't funny, they're still entertaining and interesting.

oh sure...just what the world needs... another boring blog. HOWEVER, on the other side...who will notice? At least for a while.

And I haven't been reading instructions or testing things so that's still going to happen here. Well, it will happen here if things work.


Flying Crone said...

Hi Crusty!!!

What fun to read you here and loved your plumber story!!!!

Have fun with your new blog is going to be great reading you here.

Gotta go...I am away for the day.

The Crusty Crone said...

Thanks for the comment. I haven't 'tested' it yet. "Flying Crone" is perfect for you...its the 'flying' part that fits like a glove.