Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Sweet Honey In The Rock

Sweet Honey in the Rock... an "American Master"... awesome female performers singing for the most part, a cappelle. They sing gospel, civil rights songs, about social and legal injustices, they make political statements, encourage personal empowerment, and share their inspiration.....they bring goose bumps, tears, and a heart swelling of emotions.

I just saw a program about them on the public channel. If you have a chance to listen to them I strongly urge you to do so. Even if their performance is not your cup of tea, the ability of all these different voices to come together, each sharing their strengths and skills, so it creates one sound with layers upon layers of beauty is awesome.

Here is the description from the web tv guide for my area:

"Sweet Honey In The Rock: Raise Your Voice - With singular creativity and emotional depth, this Grammy Award- winning ensemble of six African-American women has been performing for the past 30 years - raising their powerful voices against injustice. Faithful to a rich cultural history, spanning slavery, the foundations of the black church and the civil rights movement, they impart the essence of the African musical legacy in America."

Here is their web site:

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